Learning Java for the first time.

Submitted by rochaus on Wed, 02/02/2022 - 21:27

My College Experience Learning Java

While I was working toward my degree, the majority of my classes were focused on the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Which makes sense for a Software Engineering degree. I had hoped that the curriculum would have covered more about actually writing code, but, it didn't. I did take a Java course that was offered, but, it was very minimal in its content and focused more on the Object Oriented Programming (OOP) aspect of Java rather than on the mechanics of using the language.

Learning Java on the Job

After I graduated, I took a job at a consulting firm, specifically because the recruiter had said that when I start, I would first need to attend a course in Java. What I endured wasn't a course in Java; the instructors had expected us to already know Java, and the whole experience seemed more like a stress test more than a learning session. I think they were really testing how we react under maximum pressure and how we work within a group. I did pass the test, but, I was then told I needed to learn Java :)

I spent years at that consulting firm, trying to to get on a Java assignment. I understood, they were a consulting company and they typically used the most experienced Java programmers the majority of the time and I didn't have enough experience. So, I read a lot of tutorials on my own while I spent a lot of time testing and volunteering for any task no one else would touch, until I finally earned enough credit to be able to work on a Spring/Java project. I worked with a guy who was patient enough to advise me on what to do and how Spring worked.